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The First Choice Electronic Waste Recyclers

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What is E-WASTE?
Data Destruction

The First Choice Electronic Waste Recyclers

We offer Certified Data Destruction


Following the destruction, a certificate is issued to the client to confirm Desco has followed procedure to eliminate the chance of any data leaks or parts put back into for further use.

What does this include?

This includes Hard Drives, Magnetic Tapes, Tablets, Cellphones, GPS units and more.

  • R20 unit on hard drives
  • R10/kg on E-waste


(Price may vary depending on waste type)

For example: hazardous waste

DATA is Secure

Letting go of your redundant hardware might be difficult because of the fact that you believe that the units may be put back into the market place and data on storage media might be extracted for illegal use.


All units brought for destruction are physically destroyed beyond repair.







Reduce... Reuse... Recycle
It's so exciting but then what...

Getting new computers, tablets and phones is exciting. Like a kid getting his favourite toy and can't wait to get home and play with it. You'll discover the new bells and whistles that will make your job easier and more efficient... But what happens to the old electronic assets?


If they have been placed into storage, either in someones cabinet or in the corner of an office, you are effectively costing the company money with no more ROI.

Here are the 4 reasons why:


  • For the first 3 years, your electronic assets have some remarket value, but remember that each month that passes, it depreciates even more.
  • By allowing the devices to depreciate past 3 years, starts costing the company storage space. You are giving up space for old redundant electronics instead of things that are improving costs.
  • All of those devices have important data on. Keeping it opens the door to people getting access to the data.
  • A lot could happen to the storage area: flood, fire, theft, accident. These will effectively minimise the resell value should something happen whilst in storage.

If you've been storing these devices because you don't know what to do with them, then Contact Desco Electronic Recyclers. We go beyond the standard computer recycling, by offering a free collection for ANY AND ALL electronic devices; whether retired/broken, depreciated or unwanted.

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The First Choice Electronic Waste Recyclers

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Desco is a first class e-waste recycling company for Southern Africa, with its head office and processing plant situated in Pomona, Gauteng, which is an established, environmentally responsible accredited recycler of electronic waste.


With our stable processes and clearly identified waste streams we have the ability to compete in the world market.


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