Desco Enhances Sustainability with New Solar Plant

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Desco Electronic Recyclers has taken the leap to self-provide electricity for its head office operation near Johannesburg by installing a solar plant capable of supplying 100 kW, lightening the load on the local grid in Ekurhuleni.

We are very excited about the fact that this solar plant brings us a great step forward in the right direction to becoming a truly environmentally-friendly organisation because a significant portion of our electricity needs can now be met with our own renewable energy.

The solar plant comprises 480 solar panels that can each generate 455 watts of electricity, making up a theoretical total of 218,400 watts. During the day, those panels push energy through a 100kW inverter which recharges a bank of batteries capable of storing 100kW while also supplying power to the facility.

Desco has already placed an order to double up on battery capacity to 200 kW which will make it 100% self-sustainable during the evening, providing electricity for all the security systems and personnel.

Also incorporated into the design is an expansion to cater for the planned technological extension to handle the fourth stage of the E-Waste recycling value chain. That stage is called end-processing and Desco plans to expand into that area by building Africa’s first metals recovery operation for PCB metallics.