Desco Extends E-Waste Bin Service

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Desco Electronic Recyclers has extended its collection bin service for customers that generate large volumes of Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) – we will place an E-Waste collection bin on site at your premises for your staff to drop your WEEE. And when it’s full, a simple phone call to us will instigate collection, emptying and return. 

We started this service to alleviate the pressure on our clients of scratching around for the time and resources to responsibly dispose of their E-Waste. By transferring that burden to us, you can recycle responsibly and be legally compliant in doing so as well as safe in the knowledge that Desco will ensure that your E-Waste will not leech into the soil and cause harm to the environment. 

Although was primarily launched as a service to specific customers, Desco has now adapted it to accommodate a wider range of customers and potential customers. It has done so by increasing the range of bins available to be placed on site and into which staff can place WEEE. 

We have open bins are used for disposing of large electric and electronic devices while closed bins can be used the E-Waste is mostly small items that are likely to be targets of theft or pilferage. The closed bins can also be used for items that need to be destroyed rather than recycled for parts. The bins also come in different sizes.

We urge companies that are required to be legally compliant in the way that they dispose of their electric or electronic waste devices to also consider the environmental impact of not recycling responsibly. It’s more than a box-ticking exercise. Recycling responsibly means ensuring that your E-Waste does not contribute to negative environmental outcomes that can cause harm to future generations.